So having coupled up with Suffolk MIND, the next job was to put together the right people. Obviously, I can build the benches but Ange’s speciality is running the workshops to ensure we extract every last drop of creativity from our victims while Daisy is on hand to project manage and record our high jinks for posterity.

Tim Germain

I have been designing and making unique, original pieces of furniture by hand for over 22 years now. I live in the heart of Ipswich and my workshop is in Stratford St. Mary, 10 miles out in the the sticks.

Benches have become quite an obsession for me- I spend a lot of time looking at them, sitting on them, thinking about them, talking about them, studying them. I believe some of them could be more comfortable, others more visually interesting, some more long-lasting, others more practical, some more conversation-friendly……. and many could actually be more of all of these things!

Daisy Lees

Daisy Lees has worked in cultural arts and community since 2002 producing community projects, venue and festival programmes, and tours. Projects have included music performances, film, theatre, and visual art exhibitions.  Daisy is very proud to be working with Ipswich Bench Project as the work constitutes an alignment with principles of community, equity, and wellbeing – all the principles which art activity can manifest.